The core values

1. Customer focus
Only individual and professional approach to each client can provide their satisfaction.

2. Optimization of production and services
The minimalization of the costs provides acceptable prices and this truth effects indirectly the production. The processing time of our contracts proportionally reduces because of the growth of our company and the automatization of the production process.

3. Operational excellence
Thanks to the highest cleanliness of the workplace, the smooth running of production is provided. The optimal working conditions of our workers also contribute to it.

4. The feedback
The communication is very important - both the communication between the clients and the company and the communication between the employees and the company. We believe it is one of the main priorities.

5. Work safety
Only the reliable and conscious employee is able to fulfill their working duties at 100%. That is why we hold the safety work control and training of the staff in regular intervals.

6. Checkout
Before the product is given to the client, it is thoroughly controlled. By this control, the perfection of the product is provided. Thanks to it, our clients can rely on the quality of our products.

7. Ecology
This sphere is the trend of today and our company keeps thinking about it. It is related to the thriftiest way of production and the sorting and disposal of waste.

8. Profit
Only thanks to strict observance of all previous points, it is possible to satisfy our clients and the related flow of the company in positive numbers. The long tradition is the proof of it.